Un Dimanche à Paris

At the heart of the French style is a soul. Un Dimanche à Paris is that soul. A French independent multi-brands boutique.
Anyone can put a label with BLEU-BLANC-ROUGE on a an item and call it French, the same way we can all put on some red lipstick and step out in our high heels... for my part it will be rather a pair of trainers! We understand what “Effortless” looks like because that's what we are made of.
We live the stripes of the Côte d'Azur and breathe the cutting edge of the streets of Paris.  We are unapologetically refined and know how hard we worked at achieving that look.

Un Dimanche à Paris is a flow of chic in your wardrobe and a wave that travels from the shores of Barbados to the charm of the English countryside from the heart of Paris.

About us